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Model Output (KW) Current (A) Voltage (V) Pole Power Speed
    Series Connection Parallel Connection      
ES-2 2 8.7/230 17.4/115      
ES-3 3 13/230 26/115      
ES-5 5 21.8/230 43.5/115      
ES-7.5 7.5 32.6/230 43.5/115      
ES-10 10 43.3/230 87/115 4 1 1500
ES-12 12 52.2/230 104/115      
ES-15 15 65.3/230 130/115      
ES-20 20 87/230 174/115      
ES-30 30 130/230 261/115      

The ES series generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small capacity which supply electric to industrial and commercial establishments.

The Construction of generators is of drip - proof, salient pole rotating field self - excitation and constant voltage type. High quality electric magnetic and electrical materials are used in the alternator. Stator insulation is of class E (or B). Rotor insulation is of class B.

The alternators are of harmonic wave self-excitation constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system, both of them have excellent dynamic performance, convenient and reliable in operation. These generators are excellent in appearance and easy to maintain. Dimensions are adopted according to I.E.C. standards.



Model Output KVA KW KW Current (A) Pole Number Synchronus
speed (r.p.m.)
ESC-3 3.8 3 5.4    
ESC-5 6.3 5 9    
ESC-7.5 9.4 7.5 13.5    
ESC-10 12.5 10 18.1    
ESC-12 15 12 21.7 4 1500
ESC-15 18.8 15 27.1    
ESC-20 25 20 36.1    
ESC-24 30 24 43.3    
ESC-30 37.5 30 54.1    
ESC-40 50 40 72.2    
ESC-50 62.5 50 90.2    

ESC series generators are to be used in town, the country side, work sites, mountain districts and pasture lands as an electric power source for lighting purpose. It can also be used as a reserve power source in case of emergency.

The Construction of generators is of drip proof that allow you easy operation and simple maintenance. They can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through V-belt, making right or reserve continuous rotation at the rated speed.

After sudden change (increase or decrease) of load, the generators will soon return to their normal working state. Without any starting devices the generator can directly start an unloaded squirrel cage induction motor.

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